Human Resources Solutions

Tailored solutions for our customers

The analysis of the requirements from our customers may derive in different solutions

Healthcare Professional Staffing (Long and short-term contracts)

This solution is adjusted to specific needs presented by our customers, particularly in situations such as: vacation replacements, sick leaves, among others, and/or in very specific cases, identifying in the market professionals with a specific profile, which may make the recruitment more challenging.

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Shift Management

This service is often used to complement shift management systems (e.g. Pediatric/Adult ER; Operating Room) with the purpose of efficiently distributing professionals, guaranteeing high levels of satisfaction.

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Professional Pool

This service supports internal resources (e.g. Human Resources Department) allowing them to focus on their core business and outsource the task of identifying, recruiting and selecting the best professionals.

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Employee Management

Medicalm provides Global Human Resources Services, from the execution of contracts, social security registration, payment of salaries, training, performance evaluation, among other obligations of the responsibility of the employer, where the best advantage of our customer is to use the referenced resource. Its use generates great impact not only by reducing administrative bureaucracy associated with the management of the admissions process, but also by providing financial advantages.

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Corporate Health

The health of your employees has a direct impact on the health of your company. Absences caused by medical issues, appointments and health problems not diagnosed and treated on time, interfere with the productivity and the success of the business. In order to minimize the negative impact caused by the absence of the employee for medical reasons, Medicalm provides a health service to companies consisting of periodic visits from a doctor, nurse or other health professional in the premises of companies. The rendered services can range from a simple measurement of blood pressure, medication prescription or a general practice family consultation as well as, for example, a specific consultation in nutrition, physical therapy, among others. This service does not replace Occupational Health (mandatory by law), but is a highly valued benefit for employees at a very low cost for companies. It is valued by the employees because they do not incur in costs, and brings great advantages to companies by preventing absenteeism. With the Health Service for Enterprises, Medicalm will surely elevate the health of its employees and enhance the productivity of your company.

Medical Services
  • Medical appointments;
  • Resolution of sudden health problems;
  • Prescriptions;
  • Medical advice about good health practices;
  • Prescription and analysis of diagnostic procedures;
  • Among others.

Nursing Services
  • Program, execute and administer medication prescribed by a doctor;
  • Participation in planning and implementing preventive and curative measures;
  • Participation in planning, implementation and evaluation of health education programs;
  • Vaccination campaign;
  • Among others.

Psychological Services
  • Therapy and follow up;
  • Treatment and prevention of emotional or personality disturbances;
  • Assessment and application of tests to determine mental, physical or other features, namely intelligence, capabilities, skills and potential, interpret and evaluate the results and give advice accordingly;
  • Among others.

Physiotherapy Service
  • Posture Assessment;
  • Labor Gymnastics;
  • Adequacy and ergonomic advice;
  • Labor massage and alternative therapies;
  • Among others.

Nutrition services
  • Planning and guidance for therapeutic diets or other purposes;
  • Development of educational programs on nutrition;
  • Among others.

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International Recruitment

With globalization, Medicalm seeks to provide health services to increasingly competitive and global markets.

Medicalm has two objectives in International Recruitment, to promote opportunities for candidates, as well as to endorse our highly skilled professionals abroad. We are highly valued for the assistance and support we provide to our professionals as they establish themselves in the international market safely with high levels of satisfaction. High expectations are met when we are able to place the right candidate with the right customer.

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Recruitment & Selection

The recruitment and selection service is wide-ranging and begins with the survey of customer profiles through the development of various stages of selection and finishes with the close monitoring of the professional after his/her admission phase.

  • Assessment of HR profiles with the customer;
  • Candidate search and application reception;
  • Curricular Screening;
  • Pre-selection interviews;
  • Assessment of candidates (optional);
  • Final interview;
  • Admission;
  • Follow up.

Customized recruitment Campaigns

This solution aims to recruit skilled professionals specialized in different areas in the field of health, for a limited period, who after a curricular assessment will have the opportunity to establish a direct contact with the customer. This process consists of the following steps:

  • Recruitment - Building a customized recruitment campaign intended to attract and motivate professionals available for the project;
  • Curricular Assessment - According to the profile defined by the customer, candidates will be subject to a first selection;
  • Pre-Selection - Through a personal interview or via conference call, soft skills and motivations of pre-selected candidates are evaluated;
  • Presenting the Candidates - Throughout the process, the customer will be informed weekly of the campaign's progress, receiving a report with the selected candidates during that period;
  • Scheduling Interviews - The final candidates will be interviewed by the customer who will share information about the project;
  • Logistics Organization of the Recruitment Day - Medical will provide all the necessary infrastructure and resources to conduct the interviews.

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